Current as of June 23, 2022

The 5th Expeditionary Air Mobility Squadron inactivated on June 23, 2022. Prior to its inactivation, the 5th EAMS was located as a tenant unit on Ali Al Salem Air Base, Kuwait and Al Mubarak Air Base, Kuwait. The squadron was assigned to the 521st Air Mobility Operations Wing headquartered at Ramstein Air Base, Germany and is now a detachment under the 8th Expeditionary Air Mobility Squadron, located on Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar.

The unit was constituted as 5th Air Cargo Resupply Squadron on July 31, 1944 and activated on August 29, 1944. It was inactivated on March 25, 1946 and redesignated as 5th Military Airlift Support Squadron (mobile en route) which activated on May 3, 1966. The 5th MASS organized in the reserve on July 1, 1966 and inactivated on July 1, 1973. It was redesignated once more as the 5th Expeditionary Air Mobility Squadron which activated on January 22, 2003. The 5th EAMS was inactivated on June 23, 2022.

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