721st MSS AMCC team earns USAF 2022 Specialized C2 Element of the Year

  • Published
  • By Capt. Emma Quirk
  • 521st Air Mobility Operations Wing
The 721st Mobility Support Squadron’s Air Mobility Control Center (AMCC), located on Ramstein Air Base, won the title as U.S. Air Force 2022 Specialized Command and Control Element of the Year.

The AMCC Airmen earned the award for their operational performance both as a team and as individuals over the course of the year.

The team of command and control (C2) controllers were critical to Air Mobility Command airlift operations transiting through Ramstein AB.

The team was the leading decentralized C2 node for the movement of aid and personnel in support of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) efforts to bolster Europe’s eastern flank.

Throughout the year, the control center managed airlift taskings for U.S. senior leaders conducting diplomatic engagements throughout Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

Last May, the control center directed the first Operation Fly Formula missions. The short notice taskings were a response to the critical supply shortage of infant formula in the United States. The controllers assured diplomatic clearances resulting in the rapid delivery of over 78 thousand pounds of formula.

In total, the AMCC managed 3,184 missions in calendar year 2022.

“Our Airmen are the best in the business and I’m so glad to see them get the Air Force-Level recognition they deserve,” said Col. Dan Cooley, 521st Air Mobility Operations Wing Commander. “This team has proven their ability, time and time again, to execute no-fail strategic airlift operations throughout the theater.”

The 721st MSS AMCC organized a U.S. Air Forces Europe and Air Forces Africa command-wide C2 course.

The 721st MSS Airmen rallied a mobile training team to instruct 13 students and two different Air Force Specialty Codes to ultimately champion global airlift mobility across European and African areas of responsibility.

In addition to myriad Wing, Group and Squadron-level individual awards and senior leader recognitions, the small team, comprised of 20 total personnel, represented the entire command with three AMC-level individual awards.

Tech. Sgt. Roxanne Richardson, 721st MSS non-commissioned officer in charge of C2 operations, won AMC’s 2022 Junior Enlisted Airlift/Tanker Association Young Leader Award and AMC C2 Operations Non-Commissioned Officer of the Year.

Master Sgt. Angeline Mahoney, dual hatting as 721st MSS senior enlisted leader and 521st AMOW superintendent of C2 operations, was recognized as AMC C2 Operations Senior Non-Commissioned Officer of the Year.

“I’m honored to work with such an incredible team who continue to strive for flawless command and control execution for thousands of missions annually,” said Mahoney.  “Their teamwork never seizes to amaze me and their adaptability to whatever is thrown their way is simply amazing.”

When they weren’t moving humanitarian aid, security assistance, or the nation’s leaders, the AMCC took all opportunities to improve the unit and career field.

They devoted 40 hours to three Headquarters Air Force Manual rewrite working groups which led to a career field program rewrite and new Multi-Capable Airman standard for nearly three thousand Total Force Airmen. 

The members revived the squadron’s self-assessment and professional development programs by aligning 30 subject matter experts, 10 external reviews, and 160 total force members with Airman Leadership Qualities.

Finally, AMCC Airmen partnered with the 721st Air Mobility Operations Group’s Booster Club to innovate the first en route aircrew lactation room available for over 200 transiting AMC aircrew.

“Winning an Air Force level award once is tough enough, but this team won this award twice in a row. It’s a true testament to all of their hard work in the face of some of the most challenging mobility missions our nation has ever faced,” said Lt. Col. Christopher Stapenhorst, 721st MSS commander.

The 721st MSS, also known as the “Mobility Bees,” is the USAF’s only Mobility Support Squadron and exists to employ agile, reliable, and enduring command and control, aeromedical evacuation, and force elements through a hive mentality to ensure Rapid Global Mobility.

The Airmen of the 2022 721st MSS AMCC are:   
Senior Master Sgt. Anthony Uhlik                                   
Master Sgt. Angeline Mahoney
Tech. Sgt. Yusef Gomez
Tech. Sgt. Zachary Martin
Tech. Sgt. Shaunna McMahon
Tech. Sgt. Roxanne Richardson
Staff Sgt. Elizabeth Cain
Staff Sgt. Maleigha Conrad
Staff Sgt. Micheal Do
Staff Sgt. DaJuan Douglas
Staff Sgt. Jon Petry
Staff Sgt. Eugene Samuel
Staff Sgt. Colin Sullivan
Staff Sgt. Angela Thomas
Senior Airman Selina Frye
Senior Airman Marisdarini
Senior Airman Matthew Mohamed
Senior Airman Francis O'Connell
Senior Airman Natalie Williams
Airman 1st Class Katherine Healey