521st AMOW commander releases new strategy

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  • By 521st Air Mobility Operations Wing Public Affairs
  • 521st Air Mobility Operations Wing
Col. Dan Cooley, 521st Air Mobility Operations Wing commander, published a new strategy for the wing driving toward “NextGen AMOW” on Oct. 14, 2022.

The strategy is nested under the U.S. Air Force Expeditionary Center’s strategy, released Sept. 23, 2022, and Air Mobility Command’s ‘Strategy to Win,' which was released earlier this spring.

"The 'one‐year shot clock' with AMC is running," Cooley said in a letter to Airmen. "We must accelerate transformation without compromise to current operational capabilities."

Cooley outlined his three priorities as War-Ready Airmen, Deliberate Transformation, and Rapid Global Mobility.

“War-Ready Airmen will be the asymmetric factor that ensures success for our wing and our nation,” added Cooley. “As we prepare our Airmen for the future fight, we’re leading them and depending on them to drive deliberate transformation toward ‘NextGen AMOW’ while simultaneously doing what they do best: Rapid Global Mobility.”

Additionally, Cooley described four components that form the foundation to the wing's success: families, warrior heart culture, mission partners, and innovation.

His end state is clear: NextGen AMOW.

"As AMC shifts focus to ensure the Global Air Mobility Support System can generate and sustain combat power to meet pacing threats, the 521st AMOW must shift and transform as well," Cooley said. "NextGen AMOW is our charter, our future, and our requirement from higher headquarters."

To achieve NextGen AMOW, Cooley described what the 521st AMOW will offer the Joint Force:

1. Be Relevant, Ready, and Responsive
2. Provide Technically Proficient Airmen
3. Be Strategically Postured

The wing strategy culminates with near-term goals for units to take immediate action.

“We are creating the blueprint and the roadmap as we speak,” Cooley said. “We’ve received guidance from above telling us to ‘Go Faster,’ so there is no time to wait. We have the knowledge, expertise, and the right people to reorient the future of the global air mobility support system and we’re going to do just that.”

To read the 521st AMOW strategy click here